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The 2016 Global Corporate Challenge – 6 months on

Philip Connolly shares his thoughts on Global Corporate Challenge 2016 and its long term effects.

It’s fair to say that when I was first invited to take part in the Global Corporate Challenge, later to be renamed Mission Stepossible, I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for.

The GCC was suggested as part of Wellworking’s Workplace Wellbeing strategy, as a way of promoting activity within the Organisation, with the additional team building benefits we were sure to achieve.

Here was an event that spanned 100 days and had teams playing simultaneously from around the world. There would be seven participants from Wellworking involved with the aim of promoting physical activity and better long term overall health and fitness.

What’s not to like about that!

Its very name, Global CORPORATE Challenge, meant this challenge was going to be competitive from the get go. The more activity our team of 7 registered, the higher up the league table of over 45,000 teams worldwide we would be, and the further away from our virtual starting place of London we would find ourselves.

This explains why for me the GCC morphed from what I initially viewed as a simple exercise in gentle health promotion to a 6 month period of sustained exertion.

Gruelling and fulfilling at the same time, I was indeed fortunate to be invited to participate. Whether it was completing the Prudential Ride London, beating personal bests on the gym rowing machine, or generally choosing the more active option throughout my day, the GCC has made me take long term decisions that I hope will keep me more active for many years to come.

In short, a truly fabulous experience and one I would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering it.

– Philip Connolly, Client Services at Wellworking

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