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At Wellworking, we recognise that operating in a responsible and sustainable way is essential to every part of our business. We place great importance in the high quality of the products that we offer, many of which carry long warranties. In our online store, many products will have further information about their particular qualities in these areas which can provide useful information when making your product selection.

We ensure that our suppliers participate in this approach so that all of the products that Wellworking supply are environmentally sustainable. Suppliers such as Herman Miller (Policy 53), Hag (Greenguard) & RH Form (International EPD) are amongst industry leaders in renewable energy, recycling and low emission production methods.

At Wellworking we believe that quality, sustainability and commercial success are not mutually exclusive - instead they can coexist in a beneficial way.

In recognition of the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet we have decided to invest in the creation of new woodlands in the UK that will not only capture, over time, the CO2 emissions from our vehicles, but will also provide significant other environmental and social benefit to the UK. These woodlands are certified to ISO standards under the UK government Woodland Carbon Code, and meet international environmental and carbon project rules.

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Health and Safety

Our statement of general policy is to:

1. Provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
2. Consult with our employees (including contractors) on matters affecting their health and safety.
3. Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment.
4. Ensure safe handling and use of substances.
5. Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees.
6. Ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training.
7. Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill-health.
8. Maintain healthy working conditions.
9. Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

For further information on Wellworking's Health & Safety policies please contact

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