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The study of ergonomics is the science of work and about fitting a workplace to its user.

It is all about making sure that you have the optimum space to perform your tasks comfortably, and therefore productively, whether that's at home or in an office building. Important factors to consider include: the height you are sitting at; the level of your monitor; and the angle of your arms.

One of the best places to start is by using an adjustable chair and setting it up to your particular specifications. Read our blog post to help explain how to do that.

You can also use additional accessories such as laptop risers, foot stools and separate keyboards to create a happier and healthier workspace. A sit-stand desk will also allow you to change position during the day.

Our dedicated Workplace Wellbeing team can help you make the decisions that mean the difference between creating an office environment that works, to creating one that works well.

Wellworking’s relationships with some of the worlds leading designers and manufacturers of ergonomic office furniture and accessories mean we can supply and deliver training on the highest quality and most relevant solutions, swiftly and competitively. Contact us if you would like to find out more.

Some recommended products...