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Sit Stand Desking

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The benefits of movement in the workplace are being increasingly highlighted in today’s press.  “Sit-stand desking and "on desk sit-stand solutions" have never been so relevant in the modern office.

Adjusting posture regularly increases comfort and reduces the negative effects of prolonged sedentary posture.  With the right product, and just as importantly, the right training, height adjustable solutions can lead to a more engaged, healthy workforce and give rise to increased productivity.

A change of desking or addition of new products alone will not make things better. Wellworking’s training forms a key part of our solution provision, helping with sourcing, education, change management and effective reminder software to ensure that our clients and their staff are getting the most our of their investment, and taking a step towards a healthier office.

So if you want to make a positive change to your organisation, read our tips about “sit-stand” and how it can make the difference, download the whitepaper on sit stand workstations from Wellnomics here, and please read our Friday Focus article on 'Sit Stand Debate' here. You can also find an entire playlist from our 'Youtube Channel' on Sit Stand here.

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