Home Working Solutions

At Wellworking, it is important to us that everyone has a comfortable work environment whether that is in a traditional office or at home.

The correct workstation set-up contributes to positive wellbeing and helps prevent back and neck complaints.

With the Wellworking Virtual Ergonomic Assessment, our expert assessors will offer advice on the most suitable products to help, taking into consideration your space at home and practical solutions to aid productivity, minimise injury, and keep you safe.

We do not have the designed environments at home like those of our offices, so understanding what can work for you is an important investment for your home working setup.

Download our brochure below to see exactly how we can help and some of the products we recommend to complete your home office.If you need further information on any of these products, or to book a Virtual Ergonomic Assessments, please give us a call or email

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