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Mission, Vision and Values

Wellworking was started in 1999 with the simple aim of helping people work well. Wellworking has three distinct business areas, all interlinked: Our Online Store, Commercial Projects Team and Workplace Wellbeing Team.


Our mission is everything about working well.

What does that mean for Wellworking?

 Mission Final Statement for each business section


Our Vision is to be:

  • A leading UK online supplier of contemporary furniture
  • A leading provider of commercial projects
  • Recognised experts in workplace wellbeing services

We plan to achieve this vision by delivering excellence through quality products, expertise and outstanding service.


At Wellworking we embrace several core values as part and parcel of our daily lives to reach business excellence in all spheres.

  • We start from the customer and work backwards
  • We build long-term relationships, based on trust
  • We are trying to be the best that we can be

Our internal awards and recognitions are based on these core values, re-emphasising how highly they are respected at Wellworking.