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Charity in 2017

Thanks for your responses. We have chosen 'Save The Children' as our charity for 2017.


MIND Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Wellworking has arranged for a half day Mental Health Awareness Workshop on October 5th 2016 in our Wellworking office. Please make sure that you benefit from it by attending it.

MIND Volunteering Day

Wellworking were happy to spend a day volunteering for our chosen charity MIND (Ealing and Hounslow) on Monday October 10th2016. We donated some furniture and helped with the refurbishing of the MIND office. Read more about the day here. A video of the day itself can be found in our Youtube Channel here.

MIND Support

Please show your support for MIND here.


Sit Stand Debate - June 2016

Some of us are getting ready for an important Sit Stand Debate event on the evening of June 7th 2016. The Workplace Wellbeing team are working very hard in making this a successful event. Thanks for the hard work and support from all departments on this one.


Global Corporate Challenge GCC - May 2016

Our team of Super Seven - Beata, Leanne, Tommy, Philip, Richard, Lee and the team captain Gerhard Schmikl have successfully completed  the Global Corporate Challenge 2016 which started on May 25th for 100 days. Our team won mini trophies and challenged their own best record score.