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Online Gaming HQ

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Wellworking recently completed a major project for the Mount Street, London HQ of an online gaming company.

Given the prestigious nature of this project, products from within the Vitra portfolio were selected.  Their high level of design, quality and manufacturing integrity made the Vitra portfolio of products perfectly suited to match the opulence of the surroundings.

Vitra’s Joyn table system was selected for the majority of the desking, with the Ad-Hoc system employed in the cellular spaces. The meeting table was the Medamorph table. This table was a perfect fit, due to the inherent high IT capability of this range which given the nature of the client’s work, was deemed critical. The table was complimented by an ACSU storage unit with veneer doors and the iconic Soft Pad Eames chairs.

The CEO’s office utilised the Spatio executive furniture range, with Eames Lobby task and meeting chair.  An Eames recliner was supplied for the CEO to use when in need of inspiration or simply to reflect on the day's work.

The Eames contract table was used in the staff canteen, perfectly complimented by the Eames Plastic side chairs.

The end result is a beautiful, functional place to work, and a project which we are incredibly proud of.

Products Used:

  • Vitra Ad-Hoc
  • Knoll Barcelona
  • Vitra Joyn
  • Vitra Medamorph
  • Vitra ACSU Storage
  • Vitra Eames EA219 Soft Pad Chairs
  • Vitra Eames EA217 Soft Pad Chairs
  • Vitra Eames ES104 Lobby Chairs
  • Vitra Eames Contract Tables
  • Vitra Eames DSX Plastic Side Chairs
  • Vitra Eames Recliner