Working Well

At Wellworking, we believe that people who are well working, are working well. Our Wellbeing service helps you to improve your office wellbeing, increase staff productivity and ensure your legislation compliance. In a world where technology has led to dramatic changes in the way we work, our approach has helped clients with improving staff attraction and retention, addressing musculoskeletal problems, the issue of resilience in the workplace, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity. We offer independent solutions, including wellbeing seminars, ergonomic assessments and online assessments, and our clients include global corporations, government departments, NGOs and SMEs.

The Workplace Wellbeing Team works with our Clients to improve their office wellbeing, increase staff productivity and help better understand and manage their risk from computer usage.

At Wellworking part of our role is to understand the latest ideas around Workplace Wellbeing, and to that end you can see our recent video all about what Workplace Wellbeing is and why it is so important here.

Wellworking also have recently won an award for 'Workplace Wellbeing Programme of the Year' at the 2018 UKactive awards, we are delighted to be able to apply our experience in this field to our own staff and receive such a positive recognition.

To find out how we can help you, contact or call  020 3110 0610. Download our WorkPlace Wellbeing brochure here to find out more about what we do, or follow the links below.